Cyber Services: Analysis, Prevention, Recovery


  • CEOStuart Page
  • LOCEurope
  • EST2016
  • RELOperating Company

Cyber security is projected to be the most significant risk to any individual or company in the next decade. Already, it is a critical global issue with cybercrime victims worldwide losing an estimated €290 billion each year.

Alleviating this ever-growing threat entails the protection of systems, devices, payment transfers, telecommunications, networks and data. Most attacks today are the outcome of login theft frequently resulting in hacks that go undetected for up to 210 days with more hidden damage to business growth than expected. CEO Stuart has been appointed as independent advisor to three private equity firms on mergers and acquisitions in the cyber industry, in Europe, the US and Asia.


The percentage of the increase in attacks on payment transfers.


The amount of dollars lost by cybercrime victims around the globe, annually.


The past number of years over which cybercrime has increased in frequency and sophistication.


  • Formal cyber risk assessments
  • Securing IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Data warehousing and protection of sensitive and commercial data
  • Physical sweeps for intercepting and logging devices in sensitive areas
  • Provision of safe speech rooms
  • Surveillance and detection of illegal equipment
  • Staff awareness training

Hut8’s global team of experts from the USA, UK, France and Australia, boasting over 100 years of accumulated experience in intelligence and law enforcement, are unique in that they combine real and virtual aspects of cyber security from hacking prevention, physical searches of devices to human intelligence and disaster remediation. With the option of integrating into a client’s existing service, or tailoring solutions according to their business, this team offers a 360° (PPPR) strategic cyber consulting service.