Rose Bethell

Interior Designer for Enigma Alliance camps

Rose is responsible for adding the feel-right-at-home touches to Chelsea Village in Mogadishu, Somalia. With a background in décor and fashion styling, she has worked for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and has styled celebrities including Adele.

While it’s unlikely that any celebrities will be visiting Chelsea Village any time soon (never say never), it is Rose’s creative eye and talent that has removed the sterility so often found in camps in remote environments. Working alongside the COG building team, her aim was to create a welcoming atmosphere, with comfortable places that encouraged guests to relax and socialise in, transforming areas like the dining room and outside space.

Her work designing Chelsea Village has helped put it at the forefront of on-site accommodation, truly creating a home away from home.

While some materials are imported, Rose always strives to incorporate what is available on site into her design: and so pallets have a new lease of life as chairs and old oil drums are transformed into tables.